About Us

Kalli Comunidad is a healing space, decolonized cafe, and gallery for the brown and/or undocumented community of Oakland where people who are challenged to find resources find ways to heal traumas and obstacles. Kalli means ‘Home’ in Nahuatl and this center provides a space for people to create community and connections, to find better ways to adapt and thrive in their lives.


Kalli Comunidad employees are women and men of color and trained to become entrepreneurs themselves. We hope to support our employees to use their experience with us to open their own business and create a community of businesses supporting each other.

This is a family of color owned business, oriented towards community of color where one can be a client, worker, customer, associate, artist and entrepreneur or everything at once if desired.


We will invite independent cultural groups like Aztec Danzantes, ancestral knowledge from the Brown Continent, workshop facilitators, etc. to constantly support the community by collaborating and bringing their knowledge to be shared at Kalli Comunidad Healing Community Center & Gallery, where Spanish is proudly encouraged and sharing of culture is part of the healing.

We are currently fundraising for Kalli. If you would like to make a donation, please visit us here: 

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