Kalli Comunidad is a healing space, decolonized cafe, and gallery for the brown and/or undocumented community of Oakland where people who are challenged to find resources find ways to heal traumas and obstacles. Kalli means ‘Home’ in Nahuatl and this center provides a space for people to create community and connections, to find better ways to adapt and thrive in their lives.


Addictions Workshops

Anger Management Workshops

Community Healing Drum Circle

Drum Circle for Transgender People

Gender Workshop Exchanges

Cultural Humility Workshops

Digital Story Telling Workshops

Trauma Workshops

Parenting Workshops

Curanderismo Workshops

Healthy Bodies Workshops

Fatherhood Workshops

Healthy Relationships Workshops

Financial Literacy Workshops

La Cultura Cura/Culture Heals Workshop



Kalli Comunidad teaches technical abilities to develop digital story projects on photography, film, video and print to acquire social, political, and financial knowledge that allows individuals to become leaders in their community while developing business and entrepreneurial skills.



Culture Gallery will showcase our own people’s work (for sale)

Traditional music events such as Son Jarocho’s and Cumbia

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